quinta-feira, setembro 16, 2010

I need someone like you, not just find, but because you are the opposite of my weakness, my back,Not that I want to force you to anything, but I'm lost deep in a mess every time we talked, I'm afraid the end I'm afraid you feel pain, I'm afraid of losing you, I miss you very much do not you think?Come, take this pain from me, hug me and hold me in your arms I want to kill my desire and what remains of my longing, I can not live without you, but now can not really contain my emotion, I'll wait for you and wait, my love.Until you decide whether or not I'm the best for you, I have time for anything but to lose you, I want to kill the longing, my desire that my wishes, you are my sunshine my air, and I continue to hope, for you ... wait for you. I love you.

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